Darren Dowler discusses music, life career, Broadway appearances and debut film ‘Rock & Roll The Movie’

 Darren Dowler is an award-winning vocalist who has played in numerous musical bands including “The Backstreet Boys”, "The Righteous Brothers", and "Paul Revere and The Raiders" and as a guitarist for “The Backstreet Boys” (Bill Medley), The Lettermen, The Jordanaires, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, and other notable names and is an inductee in the Vocal Group Hall Of Fame., has written, directed, scored and starred in his debut movie Rock & Roll The Movie,  from Uncork’d Entertainment. Moreover, Darren has appeared on and off Broadway and has a new album forthcoming called “Goodnight America” featuring songs that have been played on various radio stations including Sirius. His most recent project has led him to the movie industry after he wrote, directed and starred in “Rock & Roll The Movie” which centers on a drunken, washed up, oversexed ex-rock singer who had his glory days in the 1980s and suddenly finds himself with a second chance at fame. Recently, he discussed the many facets of his career:

Rock & Roll The Movie is a fun, sexy, smart comeback comedy about a washed up, never was, drunken, and oversexed 80s rock singer who gets a second chance at fame.

David Roso moves to LA dreaming of being a big time music agent. He meets his idol and agent to the stars, William Smythe, who senses an opportunity and offers David a job, provided he can prove he is worthy. But there is a catch and David ends up betting his prized 57′ T-Bird that within 4 months he can get an aged, beer bellied 80’s rocker, Steve Taylor a record deal. David soon learns that the music business IS all about sex, drugs and Rock & Roll.

Dowler (Hancock, Eagle Eye) stars alongside Parks and Recreation‘s Mara Marini, Clark Koelsch, Daniel Laney, and Raina Dowler.



 Darren published his first novel internationally, The War of Angels, which is presently available worldwide. 

A story of adventure, friendship, love, betrayal and war. "The WAR OF ANGELS" takes us into a magical existence where heaven, hell and earth become one canvas for this epic story. Archangels, led by Michael and Sataniel (Satan) collide once more with the fury of the heavens, with man and earth trapped between they and their armies, their futures hanging on the outcome of the battle. Three SETI scientists capture a satellite photo of the arrival of a mysterious being that has the power to alter man’s future and change the course of the world. On a remote Italian mountainside, the ancient secret order of monks known as the Montiarans encounter a visitor (The Archangel Michael) whose presence could mean peace for the world or the end of days. Michael, while searching for his enemies, unknowingly risks all when he falls in love with a human woman, Charlie. Lowering his defenses and assuming temporary human form to be with her, he is mortally wounded, trapping him in his human state.. Leading his army now will surely mean his death. But the warrior summons his remaining strength and courage and charges onto the battlefield. Earth. Millions upon millions of Angels clash, destroying everything in their paths. The world explodes into mayhem as the stage is set for the largest battle the earth has ever seen and whose outcome will herald a new era for man. Will the days to come be the foretold thousand years of peace? Or is it the dawn of the rule of the beast? When the end is near, the world will take sides. Which side will you choose? “And then night came upon the earth and the sun never again touched the face of man.” 


What's the best--and most challenging--part of performing live on stage? 

 For me before the show and after the show are fair game. Do what you want. But for that hour or so on stage, nothing matters but putting on a great show. I truly try and be the BEST I can be every time I walk on a stage. Sometimes you aren't as energetic as others, sometimes ill, tired, sad... it doesn't matter. Those people paid good money to see the best show you can do and I try every night to give it to them. It's like sacred ground. When the curtain opens, you do what is necessary to shine as bright as you can.

What advice can you offer to emerging scriptwriters and/or musicians? 

 My best advice to emerging screenwriters and/or musicians or anyone who dreams of doing something, is to get a degree in what you love. That way until you land your dream you can be working within its reality, surrounded by those who do it and who will become contacts for you. You’ll make a living and have a good life while chasing it. And it’ll so-much-better your chances of achieving it. But the biggest thing is to have the courage to pursue your Grail. Plant your feet, devise a logical step by step plan to get there (put it on your wall) and start checking those steps off. It will get you there if you keep at it.

Currently the lead vocalist for the legendary Paul Revere And The Raiders, Darren Dowler has been called, "The Most Multi-Talented Performer In Showbusiness Today," (In Focus Magazine, Craig Soldinger / Editor in Chief).




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