Finding the right guitar couldn’t be any more difficult in a world full of endless options. There are approximately 20 million guitars produced every year by companies like Martin, Gibson, Larrivee and Taylor to name a few. Some of these companies can produce between 3000-5000 guitars a day between their multiple factories. One of these typical guitars sells from $500 – $5000. This first tier in the guitar market is constantly being bombarded with factory guitars that truly sound dead and have no life to them. I have heard that there are a few “keepers” in this market but have not experienced it personally. In comparison I would say it’s like paying the cost of the lotto to hopefully win your balance back. These instruments are being sold as guitars yet they have very little in common with the masterpieces that they are representing. As a player you can ask for more out of your guitar. If everyone demanded improvements then the sellers would have to listen. The biggest complaint of course will not be the shape of the guitar but the tone.
 In 2015 Symphontree Music composed a new criteria for physical tonal analysis known as the Critical Tone Analysis (CTA). The analysis addresses physically measurable quantities on the guitar. The problem with this type of analysis is that a measure of the guitar on this scale leaves one to assume a higher-rated guitar is a better match then a lower-rated one.
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